The NMSU Women’s Club (WC) is committed to identifying returning female UNDERGRADUATE students who merit scholarship support to assist them in attaining their educational goals. The Club’s Scholarship Committee annually recommends one (or two) scholarship candidates to the NMSU Women’s Club. Each candidate is awarded a $500 scholarship and invited to attend the Club’s spring luncheon.

What Are the Qualifications for an NMSU Women’s Club Scholarship?
The NMSU Women’s Club Scholarship is open to any female UNDERGRADUATE student returning to school after a break in her education. She must have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 after completing at least 45 credit hours or more. The scholarship has been set up specifically for returning female undergraduate students because students immediately out of high school have other scholarship funds (including the lottery scholarship) available to them. Our hope is to provide financial support, and also to let these returning women know that we support what they are doing, and that we believe in them. This is just as important as the financial support.The award is generally $500.

In 2015, the Ruth Mary Webber Scholarship was formed by club member (and current president) Susan DeMar. The requirements for this $250 scholarship is a GPA of 3.0 or higher AND be a single or widowed mother with dependent children who reside with her.

Need More Information? 

Contact the current NMSU Women’s Club President, Susan DeMar, at

Download a copy of the current scholarship award applications by clicking the links below. Directions for completing and where to submit are included in the application. DEADLINE to apply is March 1 of each year.


Past Scholarship Recipients


Download Scholarship Flyer to give to friends and family or to hang at your office where women students can see it!




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