On October 6, 1948, a group of faculty women and faculty wives established a new organization at NMSU, “The Newcomers’ Club.” Membership was open to women faculty members and wives of faculty during their first two years at the university. In 1953-1954, a group of faculty women began the Faculty Women’s Club. The purpose of this organization was to provide opportunities for social activities among faculty women. The two organizations merged in 1977, evolving into the NMSU Women’s Club.

In researching more materiel for this page, I found an interesting articles on the Internet. The following is from a “letters to the editor” piece from NMSU’s Panorama in 1999:


Faculty Womens Club 1999

Photo by Morris Southward

Among those celebrating the Faculty Women’s Club’s 50th anniversary in April, 1999, are many NMSU graduates. NMSU faculty and staff women and faculty wives have been meeting since the 1948-49 academic year. Originally called the Newcomers Club, the organization adopted its current name in 1952. Pictured front row, from left, are: Elinor Summers, ’69; Hivana Leyendecker, ’58, ’70; Betty Hohn, ’68; Jackie Clark, ’68; Ruth Ford, ’50; Nora Williams, ’51, and Fern Dahlgren, ’74, ’79. Back row, from left are: La Verne Guice, ’66; Pat Throneberry, ’91; Sandy Abernathy, ’68, ’83; Lorraine Southward, ’81; Betty Brooks, ’60; Carolyn Cooper, ’71, ’75, ’81; Nita Swartz, ’67; and Nancy Anderson, ’64, ’68. Not pictured is Betty Stevenson, ’72, ’81.

I would like to mention that many of these women are STILL members of this club as of this writing on January 28, 2012, and I know them! If you have more pictures and information about your involvement with the NMSU Women’s Club, please contact me at: Deb Franzoy@nmsu.edu, Web manager.

~Based on material in the 50th Anniversary NMSU Faculty Women’s Club: 1948/1949-1998/1999 Booklet~




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