Gourmet Club

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For more information about where the next dinner will be held, contact the current Gourmet Club chairperson,  Deb Franzoy at 575-642-7100 or debfranzoy@nmsu.edu.

About the Gourmet Club

The Gourmet Club is dedicated to good food and fun times. It is a couples OR singles activity: you may attend with your spouse, significant other, friend, or by yourself. The only requirement for joining is current membership in the NMSU Women’s Club. Click on the Club Membership link above to get an application and more information.

Members plan, cook and host dinners at volunteering member’s homes and every member participates in some way for each dinner, either by hosting, planning the menu, or preparing a part of the meal. IDEALLY, one member signs up to host the group and another member or two plans a menu. The Gourmet Club chairperson (GC chair) will send out a call for RSVPs and supply the recipes for the meal. Menus can be ethnic, regional, seasonal, or just plain GOOD! Wine or beer to enhance the food is usually served as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Each person brings their own table setting from home (ie: plates, glasses, utensils, napkins, etc.) and a bottle of wine or beer (whatever is appropriate for the meal) to share.

When does the Gourmet Club meet?

Dinners are scheduled for one Saturday each month from October through May, as long as there are homes to host. Members are notified of the meeting date and specifics as soon as possible.

What does each member do?

Each academic year, members are asked to volunteer to plan one menu (two members can work together on this task) OR to host a dinner in their home. Hosting a meal can be easier and more fun if done by more than one person. The number of members attending each dinner has varied from 6 to more than 30, but 12-20 is typical. Not all members have homes large enough to accommodate so many, and no one should feel obligated to host. Not every member will host every year. Every member does contribute something to each dinner by preparing one of the recipes, or purchasing part of the menu. Members who would like to purchase wine and beer should bring enough to share. One more thing: if you bring a guest, be certain to RSVP your guest with the GC chair. Either you or the guest will be responsible for their share in paying for the dinner.

Do I have to be a gourmet cook?

NO! The point of the Gourmet Club is camaraderie, which is always enhanced by good food and beverage! Our members’ culinary skills range from very basic to a professional chef. There is always a part of the meal that can be purchased.

What about the cost of preparing part of a meal for so many people?

Each person who brings food and beverages to a meal also brings the total cost of the ingredients or items. (You don’t need to bring receipts, just the amount). These are added together and the total is divided equally among all diners that attend. We try to control costs within reason by the recipes chosen, so the cost per person usually varies between $8 and $18, a very good price for an evening of great food, nice wine and good company!

Specific duties of the GC chair, host and menu chair(s):

  1. The GC chair, along with the host, select a date for the dinner. 
  2. If there are menu chair(s), they plan a menu. Otherwise it will be up to the GC chair and/or host to plan.
  3. The GC chair contacts the entire GC membership list by email and/or phone with the date, time, directions to the host home, the menu, and the recipes, so members know what table settings to bring. RSVP’s are necessary for menu planning and seating arrangements. 
  4. RSVPs and menu choices are sent to the GC chair. 
  5. The GC chair communicates the final number of members who plan to attend one week before the meal to all members who have chosen a recipe so they know how much to prepare.
  6. The host provides enough tables and chairs for each person. Placemats, table cloths and decorations are nice but not required.
  7. The host provides non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, tea, water, soft drinks, etc.
  8. The host provides a counter top or other surface for serving the food buffet style.
  9. Members are asked to bring cash to pay for their meals. No checks or credit cards are accepted.

Again, for more information about the Gourmet Club, contact the current Gourmet Club chair, Deb Franzoy, at 575-642-7100 or debfranzoy@nmsu.edu.

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